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Stocklin Iron

Spiral Stairs
Iron Fabrication

Standard Models & Material

Creating a staircase may seem pretty straightforward. But as anyone who has tried it will tell you, it is an art form that is best left to those with the required talent and the experience.
We specialize in the design, construction and installation of fully welded steel stairs with no assembly required. No passageway is too small. Feel free to choose from one of our standard models or contact us to create the staircase of your dreams.
PLEASE NOTE: CA Building code now requires riser bars (not shown in pictures) between each step.

"What size stair is right for me?"
All of our stair sizes are measured by the amount of room that they consume when in place, AKA the Diameter of the stair from the outside of the handrail to the outside of the handrail at the other side of the stair.
While we can build stairs in any size desired by the customer, the California Building Code mandates all spiral stairs be at least 5 feet in diameter. Circumstances where building code may not be applicable, allows for a greater diversity of compact stair sizes.
Our Standard Sizes:
5 Foot Diameter - Allows 26" clear walking space, Best for tight spaces and occasional use.
6 Foot Diameter - Allows 31" clear walking space, Best for open spaces with frequent use, or use that requires carrying items such as trays, small furniture, storage bins, etc.

Smooth Plate Step

Step Material


Smooth Plate Step

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