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Options for the Finish of your project

We offer a range of Finishes that vary on Durability, Lifetime, Sheen, and Price.


Shop Primer

We suggest painting over this in shop finish. We include a primer paint job  in all of our  fabrication projects. This is offered in red or black. 


Powder Coat*

This is a High Quality, smooth finish that is resilient to wear. Offered in many different colors, textures, and sheens. this finish can be slippery if wet.

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Paintable, High moisture resistance, dull grey finish that is gained through a high temperature process that changes the surface of the metal.

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Shop Primer

Our Standard Primer is an Oil Based Spray on paint applied in our shop spray booth. A Finish paintjob is necessary as primer is not a permanent finish. We suggest that the stair receives a top coat as soon as possible after installation.

Offered in either Red or Black.

Powder Coat*

Powder coated Finishes offer a wide variety of colors, textures, and sheens. this is a smooth finish which can be slippery if wet, so a grip tape is recommended for the steps. There is limmited touch up or maintenance needed for this finish, and life expectancy is 25 years.

Some of the many colors we have installed a stair with includes blue, canary yellow, John Deer green, dark green, many different bronzes, flat black, satin black, white, and silver.

*Powder Coat Finish is only applicable in situations in which the stair does not need to be cut or reassembled for delivery or installation. All Powder coated stairs must be able to be installed in one piece.

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In the Hot Dip Galvanization process, the product is dipped at 900 Degrees fahrenheit in a tub of zinc which penetrates the surface of the metal, creating a barrier against rust. This is a "rough to the touch" finish. When new it appears as a shiny silver, but over time dulls to a calm grey. This is also the most durable finish, resistant to heavy ware.
We suggest this finish for uses on or near a coastline, and in locations where the product will experience a high-moisture environment. It is suggested to be painted over for both an extra layer of protection, and to cover imperfections created during the finish process.